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Our Story

In case you hadn’t noticed, axe throwing is now officially a thing. When Bearded Axe Bros opened its door last summer plenty of people looked at us as if we were mad.

And we’ll admit that while we knew we loved throwing axes, would the world also love it? But fast forward to 2022, and we’re stoked that the rest of the planet is catching up to us. These days, axe throwing sites are cropping up all over England.

How it started

From its humble lumberjack beginnings, our axe throwing sites are fast becoming a very popular way to spend a night or day out, and with good reason. Whether it’s a stag/hen do, family outing or a first date, the combination of good ol’ fashioned competition with the satisfying thunk of an axe into wood is always a winner. Plus, it helps that pretty much anyone can be great at it – from your 10-year old cousin to your grandad.

Meet the Bearded Bros



Jonny always loved axe throwing and started the sport a decade ago. Fast forward to now and he has founded and set up The Bearded Axe Bros, axe throwing company.



Tom joined the Bearded Axe Bros at the beginning 2021 and has worked with Jonny at launching this exciting business. You will often find him instructing axe throwing sessions at one of our sites.

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