More than just a fun day out

The fun sport of Axe Throwing is quickly becoming one of the most popular, exciting, thrilling new activities swooping across England. Based in West Sussex, near Brighton we have created one of the largest outdoor axe throwing ranges. But the fund doesn’t stop there! We also have Archery, Spear Throwing, and Projectiles.

Your sessions will consist of a thorough training program from your private instructor who will teach you how to throw multiple types of axes and throwing styles.

Once this is completed your group will compete against each other in a fun competition and go into our monthly competition to see who is our champion thrower of the month.

We cater for ages ranging from 7 and above which makes us one of the only axe throwing sites suitable for children in the UK.

If you are new to any of our activities you will soon realise the best therapy or stress reliever around is to launch some weapons into targets!

Axe Throwing

The best axe throwing day out in Sussex! GRRRAH!


Expose your inner Robin Hood in the art of archery!

Spear Throwing

Introducing our brand new, exhilarating activity - spear throwing!


“Projectiles” is our brand new activity! Throwing stuff at a whole new level!

Drive In Coffee House

Keeping you fuelled up during your activities!

Mobile Axe Throwing

Stay calm, this is coming soon and will be epic!