More than just a fun day out

Welcome to The Bearded Axe Bros Armoury!! With the largest variety of axes and throwing projectiles in the kingdom, even Braveheart would be proud! Our Armoury wows the most experienced seasoned throwers.

With our armoury rack at your disposal, you can come down to our Axe throwing range at Q Leisure; just outside of Brighton, West Sussex, and select the perfect weapon to sling with style and precision.

We take pride in offering the largest selection of axes in the country, showcasing a variety of styles, sizes, and weights to suit every throwing preference. With the largest variety of axes available, we offer course have built the best range in the country too, With over 16 individual lanes, we can host all manner of Viking-esque competitions.

Stag Do's

What better way to send off the groom into married life! You can even bring a picture of the mother-in-law to aim at!

Hen Do's

Spa's are overrated! Let out her inner Viking and shout and scream whilst hurling axe's at pictures of all her ex's.

Team Building

What better way to bond with your work colleagues than you sling axes with each other. Note, we said "with" not "at"!

Family Fun

Time for the parents to show the kids who's boss! Excellent fun for all the family, we even have foam axes for babies to throw!

A Full Armoury of weapons

Our team of experts (probably all Vikings too) are all on hand to assist you in choosing the right weapon for your skill level and technique.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills or a seasoned pro seeking a new challenge, our range capacity and selection of axes ensure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Bearded Axe Bros.

So why wait? Head down to the our armoury today and discover the perfect throwing weapon to elevate your game to the next level.

Happy throwing!

Why Choose us for Axe Throwing

Our large outdoor activity centre in Albourne near Brighton caters for all occasions and is a must visit if you are looking for things to do in Sussex. We specialise in corporate bookings, group outings, stag and hen parties, date night, Birthdays, children groups and many more occasions.

Our beautiful site overlooking the South Downs is a real scenic treat. The site boasts a brand new cafe with a delicious gourmet burger, locally sourced slow roasted coffee and fine draught and bottled beer for afterwards. Joining the drive in cafe we have a lovely bespoke, heated seating area by the pond, the perfect  way to finish off your day at our site. 

If you are looking for a full experience of axe throwing and archery we combine these packages to create a 'combo' deal.

We do not just throw hatchets here at the Bearded Axe Bros we also offer unique extensions to your axe throwing packages.

We offer a big axe upgrade where you can learn how to throw mega axes and compete in a big axe throwing competition. 

We cater for ages ranging from 7 and above which makes us one of the only axe throwing sites suitable for children in the UK.

Unlike other ranges we also offer a bring your own axe and rent a lane service. If you have a collection of axes or have done axe throwing before and just want to launch a few axes with some friends. Tuesday and Wednesday we offer a rent lane service where you can hire a lane at our outdoor site.

If you don't have your own axes you can rent some of ours. Your lane will not include any training or supervision however one of our axe throwing instructors will be on site if any assistance is needed. 

Our large outdoor activity centre is at Q Leisure in Albourne near Brighton, Sussex. There's plenty of parking and our beautiful site overlooking the South Downs is a real scenic treat.

Did you know we also do Archery?

Archery is a very popular and traditional field event, featured now as a sport in the Olympics but historically Archery was an important military and hunting skill. For most of us there’s only one man related to the ‘bow & arrow’ and that’s the hero himself, Robin Hood.

With the addition of recent blockbuster films such as Lord of the Rings, Rambo, Avengers and The Hunger Games more and more people want to discover just what it’s like to shoot something with an arrow, and rightly so because it’s awesome and totally addictive.

Our Archery sessions start with practice & tuition then we finish with a competition. You will be hooked on this event almost instantly and before you know it you’ll be consistently hitting the red and yellow rings taking maximum points and bragging rights.

We have a 7 lane target range where your group will shoot at our traditional straw boss targets with traditional scoring. Our second range is set against a natural sand cliff creating a unique atmosphere equipped with realistic 3D models of animals, it actually feels like you’re hunting.

The price is the same for each of our lanes but make sure you specify which range you would like to book into when making your booking to avoid any disappointment on the day.

Activity Prices & Booking