Clay Shooting

Ready. Aim. Pull!

Clay Pigeon Shooting is an exciting experience. The smell of gun powder, the kick of the gun, and the thrill and excitement of blasting a clay out of the sky is not something everyone can relate to on a daily basis.

From the first shoot, you’ll be hooked! Equipped with a Beretta ‘over and under’ 12 bore shotgun, you will be blasting clays out of the sky in next to no time. Our enthusiastic, qualified instructors will guide you through with 1 to 1 tuition, catering for the complete novice to an experienced shooter.

Clay Shooting in Sussex

Our instructors will take you through a complete range of shots starting with a static target for practice, then moving on to the flying targets for the competition. You won’t just be shooting in an empty field, this is a fully loaded, purpose built professional shooting experience.